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About Power One

A team of experienced proffessionals providing Business and Technology consulting services and solutions in the field of Enterprise Mobility & Enargy Solutions with measurable business values, thereby empowering enterprises to face challenges of future.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions (axiams)

Solutions built on the leading edge of technology

We combine People, Processes and Technology to improve operational efficiency and overall business performance of Enterprise.


Environment & Energy Solutions

Our contribution to the future

We bring in best technology solutions to save Energy and protect our Environment for future generations.


Enterprise Managed Services

Enhance your business performance with our Customised Managed Services

We leverage on our expertise and resources to offer various bureau Services to organizations so that they can focus on their core activities.


Our Solutions

Our Services


Fixed Asset Surveying & Auditing

Make sure your Fixed Asset Register complies with the International Financial Reporting Standards


AXIAWMS -Warehouse & Inventory Management Application

AXIAWMS - Warehouse Data Management Application


AXIAMS - Mobile Suite Field Data Collection Applications

is a suite of custom made Mobile applications designed with an objective of Capture,

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